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Elementary Music News


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Elementary  Music News



Here We Go 





Here We Go!


It's GREAT to be a Wildcat!








Chocolate Candy Bars 


are on sale










What a wonderful time of year!

 We are looking forward to this great day. 



Thank you for all that you do in your support of your children.

We greatly appreciate it!!!




Lots of things going on!

And we are thrilled with this!

We are looking forward to continue with

The Ooooookoolaylay! Ukulele

This is something that is exciting here at Milan C-2. 

Throughout this year the students will continue to have opportunities

to learn about and learn to play

this amazing instrument.


We will continue to learn music


all kinds of musical concepts 

using this one amazing instrument

and that is ... AWESOME! 


Why is the Ukulele so ....  AWESOME, you might ask?





can do it!


Sean Song








Music is... Super!

Music is basic to the complete education and development of the individual.

It engages students and 

develops creativity,


critical and evaluative skills.


News Release! 


July 16, 2015


This is great news for every student. The potential is there to meet students needs if it is implemented into the schools around the country. Most schools this is not a problem but some schools still see music as secondary and place lastly in terms of importance. This is detrimental to all learning. So this is a step forward in those school district across the country. School that have already adapted this mindset are miles ahead in every area in their learning. This is exciting news!!!

Music and it's importance at crucial stages in life??? Timing can mean a great deal! Look at this link.



Music effects your body too!



There is more important links with encouraging information further down this page! The value of Music Education is more than significant it is crucial!


One man's disability is another man's superpower

 Everyone has a talent!

Check out this Video Page with links









Brain Power?!?





What about Timing?








Importance of Music


Where does one begin???  Let's look at a few aspects!




The Value of Music Education



A short video:




Another great video!!!






Music class isn't just about teaching music its about the student.

Just another student? ? ? No!. . . No one is just. . . another student or JUST anything.  They are someone! Someone significant!!!







Value? We must value the whole person, to say the least, and research shows that music is an important part of a balanced education.

So. . .  Yes! It is valuable!











Learning and Expanding Thought

Reading Music









What A Year!!!

'Tis the Season to Be Grateful 

Each day, 

is precious

it it's own way!

Lets redeem it! 








Tim Cason 

Elementary Music Teacher













Please support our students. They need our support!






Concert Etiquette

by Denise Gagne and Denese Odgaard



Welcome to our concert - we’re really glad you came.

We will listen carefully - we hope you do the same.


Some of us are really small - our voices aren’t too strong.

If you’re really quiet - you’ll still hear - you won’t go wrong.


We have a few suggestions to make this fun for all.

Please turn your CELL phones off so they don’t ring inside the hall.


If you really have to go, please leave when there’s applause.

You may enter once again - when there is a pause.


Save the hoots and hollers for when you’re at the game.

When you’re at a concert, it isn’t quite the same.


We hope that you will stay and watch until the very end.

We really will appreciate this - our thanks to you we’ll send!