2020 Induction Ceremony

March 3, 2020

Current Members:

Hayden Courtney - Son of Jeff and Megan Courtney

Marian Dabney - Daughter of John and Andrea Dabney

Alexander Hull - Son of Joe and Brandy Hull

Lainee Maulsby - Daughter of Wesley and Erin Maulsby

Gracie Simpson - Daughter of Danny Simpson and Paula Hullinger

Addison Sylvester - Daughter of Danny Sylvester and Megan Stephenson

5th Grade Inductees:

Kendra Sayre - Daughter of Trae and Leah Sayre

4th Grade Inductees:

Jaylee Banner - Daughter of Rodney and Tennille Banner

Autym Moody - Daughter of Chuck Moody and Heather Inman

Graeson Proffitt - Grandson of Chris and Susan Proffitt and Son of Jayce Carbajal

Brieann Thompson - Daughter of Nathan Thompson and Heather Thompson

Farah Trenter - Daughter of Brian Trenter and Cegi Smith


Jenny Hodge


Ashley Pauley