Milan C-2 Education Matters Newsletter


By Dr. Ben Yocom – Milan C-2 School District Superintendent


Today is October 6th, 2020 and we have finished twenty (20) days of school. So far, so good! Our school – students, staff, and parents-guardians – have responded VERY WELL! We have collectively gathered our resources and while providing a different environment, our environment has been SUCCESSFUL! It is not an accident and I, as the superintendent, emphatically appreciate everyone's tremendous efforts! We are truly BETTER TOGETHER!

We held the annual HOMECOMING CELEBRATION, titled “Road Trip” and all things considered – it was a positive experience. The team was victorious against the Gallatin Bulldogs! Junior Cadence Pauley was awarded the Homecoming Queen and the 2020 Milan C-2 Athletic Hall of Fame inductees were the 2004 Milan High School Softball Team – this team finished in 4thplace at the MSHSAA State Playoffs! Friday night, 10/2/20, capped off an extraordinary week and again, thanks to all that made the 2020 MC2 Homecoming a success!

The Better MC2 Project 2020 is making some noticeable progress and if you have not traveled down Market Street lately, I would encourage you to do so. We are hoping to be eating in the cafeteria during this month; but as we have all along, we will closely monitor the recommendations from the Sullivan County Health Department – plus other agencies that assist us in providing the safest possible environment for everyone.

Also, as we continue to evolve through the school year, please remember that we are limiting all access to school for birthday parties, holiday celebrations, etc. This is to limit any external exposure and a part of the district’s Better Together Reopening Plan. Please contact any office with questions or further explanation.

The district is also making a strong effort to improve communication among parents and teachers – a key part of this effort will take place on October 14th, 2020, and our implementation of the PT+ Day. The staff will be on-hand from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and throughout the day, they will provide live remote instruction to students and schedule appointments for parents to discuss their child’s progress. The primary purpose is to ensure parents understand the differences present this year and specifically, the expectations if/when a student is absent from on-site learning. The daily wellness checks have increased the absences of students on-site, but students are still expected to complete assignments (shared via a specific remote platform). It is absolutely crucial that students complete the assignments, no matter how they are delivered. It is also important that parents guardians contact the school if/when a student is not going to be present on-site. This helps us provide an appropriate alternate activity for the student. The on-site attendance expectations have changed and communication is critical!

Each October, I typically remind parents-guardians to take specific precautions regarding washing hands, covering mouth/nose when sneezing/coughing, wearing temperature appropriate clothing (gloves, coats), etc. The reminders are still there! Please continue to closely watch any/all symptoms your children may have – please follow the recommendations regarding response to the situation. It is crucial!

We are continuing to do the very best we can do for the students and community! I am continually amazed by the dedication, commitment, and overall tenacity from MC2 Nation! Every day is STILL a GREAT DAY to be a MILAN WILDCAT! Contact me with questions.