John Buell

Director of Transportation

When inclement weather impacts the school’s ability to safely transport students, the following options will be utilized:

  1. Surface Roads Only (or Snow Routes) – this simply means that buses will not travel down ‘non-paved’ roads and students will be picked up at the closest stop on a paved road. Unfortunately, the Road Maintenance cannot immediately address the ‘non-paved’ roads and sometimes, these roads take several days to become clear.
  2. Two-Hour Late Start – this means that school will begin at 10:00 a.m., rather than the usual 7:58 a.m. This option is typically used if/when the temperatures are low in the early morning hours and are projected to rise significantly throughout the morning. All buildings have a ‘late-start’ schedule that is modified to address the changes in time(s). Unfortunately, on days in which a “Two-Hour Late Start” is instituted, breakfast will not be served. This is due to the short amount of time between the starting of school and the beginning of lunch.
  3. School Cancellation – when the road conditions are too treacherous and all signs point to them not improving enough to run buses and the above two options have been exhausted; it may become necessary to completely cancel school.

In the case of school cancellations, Milan C-2 School will notify the following broadcast stations:

  • KTVO, Television
  • KIRX, 14.50 AM
  • KRXL, 94.5 FM
  • KTUF, 93.7 FM
  • KXBK/KZBK, 96.9 FM
  • KWIX/KRES, 104.5 FM
  • KTTN, 92.3 FM
  • KGOZ, 101.7 FM
  • KMZU, 100.7 FM
  • KLTE, 107.9 FM

*Milan C-2 School will also send out text message announcements to those registered to receive them in the case of cancellation.

Bus/Transportation Dept. Contact Information

306 North Pearl Street

Milan, MO 63556

Phone: 660-265-4626

Transportation Time Sheet